Bangladesh Fishing Boat Owner Pays 2.5 Million Kyat in Ransom to Burmese Artillery Force

Mayu lighthouse Sittwe

Teknaf: A Bangladesh fishing boat owner in Teknaf, a border town with Burma, was forced to pay 2.5 million kyat to a Burmese artillery force based at the Mayu Oyster lighthouse as a ransom after the force seized the fishing boat and abducted the fishermen while the boat was fishing near Burmese waters, said a source close to the boat owner.

The Burmese force at the Mayu Oyster lighthouse intruded into Bangladesh waters in a speed boat on the night of 25 October and seized the boat for ransom.

The fishing boat was fishing in Molabi Rock near Shahpuri Island in Teknaf Township, said the source.

After the abduction, the artillery forces contacted the fishing boat owner through a Bangladesh-networked mobile phone taken from the fishermen on board the boat, and demanded 30 lakh kyat in ransom for the release of the boat.

Sultan Marzi, the owner of the boat from Shahpuri Island, sent some Burmese brokers to Oyster Island in another fishing boat on 26 October to pay the ransom to the Burmese forces.

The artillery force released the fishing boat after taking 25 lakh from them as the ransom.

Burmese forces, including Nasaka the border security forces, typically abduct Bangladesh fishing boats from Bangladesh waters whenever they need money for their own interests. However, Bangladesh forces put little effort into preventing such abductions and illegal behavior. 
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