Thingyishwegu Buddha Image

Mrauk-U, The Last City of Arakan Kingdom, and General Information

Sellers March to Prime Minister’s House for Reduced Market Taxes

Mrauk-U One of the Most Endangered Heritage Sites in Asia: Global Heritage Fund Reports

Arakan’s Danyawady and Vesali recognized as official archaeological sites

Bangladesh Government says Burma wants to share Bangladesh’s submarine cable

Farmers Still Oppressed, Despite New Government

Board Formed in Parliament to Scrutinize Arakanese National Flag and Costume

Bangladesh Celebrates Sea Victory Over Burma

What is going on on Madae Island, a crucial location on the Shwe Gas pipeline project?

Colonial Era Exploitation Should Be Avoided: Dr. Aye Maung

Ministers should show care with how they talk during the time of increasing media freedom

Arakanese Leaders Comment on Entry of Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD to Parliament

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