The Rohingya and the Rakhing by Dr. Aye Kyaw

The Rohginya and the Rakhaing
 {This paper is written in response to a conference on the Rohigya and the democratic movement of Myanmar, July 16, 2007 held in Tokyo. }

The Politics of Meaning

The name Rohingya means the wandering people in the Bengali Language. They are living on their own feet and they are not settled at any place. In the Arakanese language they are called
Lwintgya which means the people bloom up and fall down some where and they are the unsettled people. Both languages convey the same meaning. Linguistically, ra, ya,la and ,wa are interchangeable' therefore ra in Rohingya and la in Lwintgya carry the same changeable value.

From "Mujahids" to "Rohingyas"

In the 1950s, the movement for a State was led by "Mujahids" among the Muslims living on the boarders of Arakan and Bangladash.This political tradition is being carried out by the Rohingers who, according to this author's information, will establish  a State called Rohinstan in 2008.The area of this State will comprise some land of both countries-Bangladesh and Myanmar.

In the 1990s, the movement of Rohinger in the shadow of human rights became popular. The so called Burma specialists supported the movements without knowing its political objectives. Before 9/11 some of its leaders were disciples of the terrorists.

In short Rohingas are Muslims. Their objective is primarily to gain a State. What ever other reasons they give are not important.


The Arakanese are called Rakhine which comes from Rakkhitta in Pali- one of the three sacred language of India, the other two being sankrit and Prakrit. It means the people who are capable of preserving and promoting, morality and Buddhism. In the Arakanese Chronicles this meaning is consistent both in writing and meaning. Therefore a genuine Arakanese means a Buddhist who is able to maintain Buddhist morality (not to kill yourself and not to kill others too) and to take care
of his race.

The Term Arakanese comes from a Pali word Aratkha, which means the people capable of
protecting their own land and its neighbors. In the Arakanese inscription, it is mention as Aratkha
Desa which means the land protected by its people. This name, Arakan is often referred to

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