A Collection of Rakhine Cultural Heritages

National races of Myanmar have their own cultures, literatures, music, customs, dialects, costumes and religions. Mrauk-U, which is situated in Rakhine state, is a region that flourishes with cultural heritage. A place that you can view the history and cultural heritage of a race is a cultural Museum. In the cultural museum of Mrauk-U, you will be able to see the sculpture works of Danyawady, Waisali, Lay Myo, and Mrauk-U period. You can study the cultural status of respective period by researching the utensils that remained from each period.
The stone sculpture, which is the most early era of the Rakhine. Tharapavata stupa which was sculptured in -8 century AD of Waisali period. By observing this beautifully sculptured huge stone pillar, you will come to appreciate the culture, customs and arts of this era. And the “Zondhat Letyar Pyan Chi” which is the inscription of a royal military chief and also the “King Min Bar” inscription in which King Min Bar Gyi recorded about his donation of farm lands near Htoke-Kant-Thein Temple.By studying Buddha statutes, stupa models and votive tablets of Waisali period and Buddha Statutes of Lay Myo period you can see that Rakhine state is a place which Buddhism flourished in successive eras.

You can see the ancient glazed utensils and decorated items in ancient cities of Waisali and Maruk-U. It can be witnessed that the glazed wares is used in Rakhine State, Since AD-4 and they were off various colour and designs. Earthen wares mostly found in Primitive era were priceless items for Archaeologists. You can also see the Royal pot, which was used for Royal occasions was excavated from Ancient Waisali City. In this museum, a Royal Pot of Mrauk-U Period is shown which design is different from the Pot of Waisali period. In Rakhine, about the time of Waisali period in 4 century AD, coins were casted and then used for trading. People used the coins from Waisali period up to Mrauk-U period. As coins were casted whenever kings were consecrated, you will be able to study King’s title, issuing year, religion and literature from those coins. In the Mrauk-U Cultural Museum, you will be able to observe the ancient cultural artifacts of the Rakhines that had flourished for successive eras, which were of high cultural status and beautifully crafted artifacts.


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