Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) to UK royal family

RNDP is running in Arakan (Rakhine) state, the traditional home of
... many of Burma's Rohingya minority.

RNDP is running in Arakan (Rakhine) state, the traditional home of ... many of Burma's Rohingya minority.

It is fielding 44 candidates for the various parliamentary seats. Party President Aye Maung says that if they are successful, the party's first priority will be to reform land ownership rules and
develop full access to electricity. He told the Irrawaddy newspaper: "We can't accept the current
situation where we are facing socioeconomic deterioration in Arakan State while China receives natural gas from our state for their development."

(According To Above the letter,How will you give Explaination on Rakhine(RNDP)?RAkhinese Nation Democrazy Party(RNDP) Is Representative On Rakhinese Peoples.YouAslo Know Those.But In Your Letter,Your News Is So Wrong.No Have SoCalled Rohingya In Rakhine State(Arakan) And
Myanmar Too.Why Are you Using That Non-Name Again And Again OnLine and
Making Wrong Information.?I Really Disappointed Upon that.Myanmar Goverment Also had Decleared that No have Socalled Rohingya in Myanmar and Arakanese History Too.There are 6 Indigenous In Rakhine(Arakan).It are Kamein,Khami,Daingnet,Miram(Mara),Mro,Thet.Arakan(Rakhine) Is
Aboriginal Race In Rakhine State of Myanmar.So Called Rohingya Migrated From Bangladish into Rakhine State(Arakan) To Confiscate With Intrigue.They Are not Rohingya.They are Bangali.We call them kalar.Our
Arakanland So pure and All of Rakhine(Arakan) Worship on Buddhism.We don't have Cosmopolitan of Patriotism.But For Our Religion And OurCountry Must Protect.It Is Responbility Of OurHistory.We can be
patient Upon insult of Someone.We can't be patient for robbery our land and to destroy our religion.As you know,They Take many childen at a couple.They want to Control Our state with Many Manpower.Only one
Rakhine State(Arakan) of Myanmar.Will happen all over The world Like This (or) Will Make By Islamatic radical Dogmatic View.As you know,Rakhine District Isn't appear from now.(Rakhinese)Arakanese
District is Invaluable intiquity of Arakan(Rakhine).Why Have Somany bangali people in Rakhine(Arakan state)?It is So clear.They Came From Bangladish in to rakhine(Arakanstate) with sneakily and settle down
Moreover They make Case of manslaughters then they raped our Rakhinese girls by force.Are those PeopeRefugees?If you see and think it,you can understand Truthfully.NotOnly Rakhine State,In
Banglishalso,Ourpeople(Arakan)Rakhine have been killed by them.Rakhinese Indigenous Peoples There Is In BangladishThet,Marama have been killed Nearly Always. and They destroy our
temples(or)monastries then make Our Indigenous house into fire.If you detect about that happening,you can know sooner or later.Pls Delete Bangali' picture Socalled Rohingya In Myanmar'Map and Pls Rewrite
About Real News About Rakhine(Arakan).Thank you Instead of National Rakhine(Arakan).

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-11620652(Pls Take off For Putting On Rohingya' Picture In Myanmar'Map.It Is Request Instead of Myanmar'Peoples.Look At It Urgently.

After that, you can know Howmany people Are Rejecting for putting So called Rohingya' picture in Myanmar'Map?They Are Saying Again And Again No have Rohingya In myanmar.Most of Myanmar Want to Take off Socalled Rohingya' Picture.They are talking The Truth of History of Myanamar.if you See on it,you will know.It is link for you.
http://www.facebook.com/bbcburmese.But BBC Burmese Also
Ingored Our Proposal.Itlook like uncarefulness Upon listers By BBC.

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