Bangladesh Government says Burma wants to share Bangladesh’s submarine cable

Burma, presently known as Myanmar, wants to share Bangladesh’s submarine cable to upgrade its countries cable networks, said Bangladesh’s high authority.
 “It is on a payment basis by Burma if Bangladesh agrees to share it’s submarine cable with Burma,” said Raziuddin Ahmed Raju, minister of Telecommunication, on Sunday in a seminar held in Dhaka titled ‘Submarine Cable Connecting Ocean Going Countries Economic Maritime Boundary.
According to a local Bangladesh news agency, Burma has invited the minister of Bangladesh telecommunication to Burma to discuss the issue.
“A minister of Burma has invited me to visit the neighboring country Burma to discuss the matter,” the minister told the seminar in Dhaka organized by the Engineers Institution, Bangladesh (IEB).
The minister said the existing submarine cable in Burma is not adequate to serve its demand. “That’s why they expressed their interest in using Bangladesh’s submarine cable.”
He, however, did not make it clear whether Bangladesh would allow Burma to use it.
The minister also said the government would launch the much-hyped 3G mobile phone in July or August, while the 4G mobile service would go ahead in December this year.
According  to Bangladesh officials,9 million people in Bangladesh are using an internet service while the global users of internet are 2.5 billion. 58.5 percent (86.5 million) people of the country are now using mobile phone, while global users 5.6 billion people or 80 percent.


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