The problem started when some so-called Rohingya groups started attacking and insulting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s party vice chairman NLD U Tin Oo which provoked all the Burmese people to wake up from the day dreaming. Some issues are very complicated, subtle and delicate. In the past, Burmese people kept aside the differences with SO-Called Rohingya people bearing in mind to do dialogue with them later when we achieve national reconciliation in Burma.

The problem becoming more serious when BBC posted the Burma’s map labelling the Arakan originated areas as the so-called Rohingya place of living which is funning the flame of the national spirit of the Burmese activists around the world inside and in exile alike to oppose those responsible for creating more problems on Burma crisis.

The very beginning of the problems are the questions of the lack of credible evidences and the lack of credible historic records of the so-called SO-CALLED people living in Bangladesh who are claiming to be from Burma and their very strong links with Al-queda islamic terrorists.

I share the same pain and compassion on the suffering of the human beings. It is totally different from the fact that we got to accept all the people claiming to be Burmese with fairy tales proofs.

I do accept the fact in principal that any ethnic origin people who have been living in Burma for long time have the rights to apply to be the Burmese citizens enjoying the same rights as the original Burmese ethnics people.

But it is totally different fact that any people resettling in Burma can’t be one of the man-made fabricated ethnic group since they are not.

They will be known as based on their original ethnic background. For example, there are Burmese people living in UK for long time and they can be the British citizens if, even if, they can provide necessary evidence. They will be called as simply as the British or the Burmese British. They can’t be white British or they can’t be English British.

We must find the root-cause. If they are from Bangladesh then Bangladeshi government must take more responsibility solving this crisis. This is one of the main problems we got to dealt with seriously, frankly and candidly.

Noting to do with religion. But I would like to touch on my perceptions on all the religions as follow.

My point of view is that so long as “Any religion proclaiming that there is NO other God but me (my religious god)” then there will always be problems, extremism and terrorists.

Any religions justify killing anyone who don’t believe in their religion will create more conflicts and crises.

If there WERE be the third world war then it could be due to the religious extremisms.

Some religions bless extremists with rewards!

We must eliminate any religious perceptions which justify attacking, killing, persecuting, or/and labelling other religions as evils.

We must also put the BIG FULL STOP over the FORCED CONVERSIONs taking place silently all over the world in the name of marriages, religions and in the name of god.

This is time for us to stand up for the disadvantaged people around the world who are facing forced conversions.

Even in the democratic countries, there are things happening unnoticed including in USA, in UK and in Japan and all over the world.

I would say any religious doctrines which justify killing other people in the name of religions must be terminated preaching or teaching in the world.

From now on let’s voice out LOUD & CLEAR to the world that any (religious) doctrines that encourage violence must be rejected.

Let’s start the motion all over the world to put the full stop on teaching future generations that any religions proclaiming there is no other god but me (my god) doctrine.

May peace be upon everyone.

May love prevail.


With metta,

Myo Thein

(A Burmese activist)