Stop Rohingya petition page disappeared

Stop Rohingya petition page ( has gone now. When people tried to sign the petition, they are redirected back to the main page of the petition website.
Even though the petition is still accessible through the search tool of, it is inactive now. This petition has been running on the same URL since last year but it has received about 200 signatures during a year’s long period. However, the petition suddenly became popular among Myanmar people when BBC published an inaccurate map of Burma in which one of Myanmar’s major ethnic, Rakhine was replaced with so-called Rohingya or Bangladeshi Muslim people.
The people belonging to the country’s 135 genuine ethnic groups who are living inside and outside of Myanmar signed the petition during last week and the total signatures collected as of last Saturday night was almost reaching twenty thousand before it is miraculously disappeared. Activists suspect that BBC has done something to stop the petition by cooperating with the petition hosting company, BBC is still keeping silence without responding to the peoples’ demand for apology for BBC’s wrong, misleading information about Myanmar ethnic peopl.

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